One Lesson Gloria Steinem Wants to Bestow on Us…

On this beautiful Monday morning, I was going to share a collection of sconces I’ve researched for all of you, but instead, I came across an interview of Gloria Steinem in (of all places!) my Land’s End spring catalog.  I happen to really admire the work and life of Gloria Steinem for many reasons, but mostly because she was a woman that saw injustice around her and decided to take massive action.  Her activism started an entire movement and laid the groundwork for what we might even call a revolution.  Anyone that sees a problem, then takes action to rectify it, and galvanizes others to join the effort, is a hero in my book.

Land’s End CEO, Federica Marchionni, interviewed Steinem, and asked her, “If there were one lesson you could bestow on those who look to you as their beacon, what would it be?”

Steinem responded, “The truth is that each person is a unique miracle, a combination of millennia of heredity and environment that could never have happened before in exactly the same way, and could never happen again in exactly the same way.  Yet at the same time, we share everything as human beings.  We can both find our unique voice and realize that as human beings, we are linked, not ranked.”

What I love about this answer is that she puts into words what I have struggled to say to many: that each of us has something unique to contribute to this world because there is not another person that comes to a problem or situation with our exact perspective.  Whether you’re an artist, philanthropist, business leader, teacher or parent – your unique experiences, heredity, environmental influences, etc. have created something that has never happened before and will never happen again: YOU.

So, if you doubt that you have something to contribute, something new to say, something interesting to create – DOUBT YOUR DOUBTS.  Embrace confidence and create, speak, write, draw, lead, teach, parent…whatever is brimming in your heart — go do it.  No one will be able to do it like you because no other person has the exact composition of what you bring to the table.  In other words: You have never happened to the world before and YOU will never happen again.  What an amazing realization.

Thank you Gloria Steinem for your inspiration and leadership…and for paving the way for others to do the same.

Have an awesome week, everyone.


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