Custom Framing Without the Custom Cost

Hello Everyone!  I have missed you over the last few weeks.  We have been migrating the site and blog from Bring Home Order to Goldenrod Place and it’s taken much longer than I anticipated.  Luckily we are just about there and I can now resume sharing inspiration and ideas with all of you!  Thank you for hanging in there with me.

Today I’m sharing a creative way to approach custom framing for art and photography.  If you’ve ever used a custom framer, you know that this is not an inexpensive endeavor.  Costs for a matted, 8×10 print with anti-glare and UV protection glass can cost around $400-500.   It can be more depending on the size of your matting and grade of the frame.  If you want to use double or triple matting, the cost will be even higher.

I most frequently use Michael’s for my custom framing projects because they run promotional sales which can provide savings of 50 – 65%.  That’s a lot of savings! But even so, it’s not a bargain.

Recently, I was scouring the PTA thrift shop and came across two framed prints that were $6 each!  The framing had been customized, as evidenced by the matting and backing of the frame.  I purchased these two pieces with the intention of repurposing the frames and ditching the art and mats.


Lovely custom frames for $6!

I had photos from my wedding that I wanted to frame and these frames were perfect!  I took the frames and my photos to Michael’s and replaced the matting and glass.  For less than $200 I had custom framed two pieces for less than half of what ONE piece would have cost!


I have long since gotten rid of my dried up wedding bouquet, but this photo reminds me of its beautiful colors.


I framed a collection of smaller photos depicting walking down the aisle and being greeted by husband under the chuppah.

These were a perfect addition to our foyer…


So, check out places like Goodwill, The PTA Thrift Shop and consignment stores for framed art that can be up-cycled.  It can save you hundreds!  The search is really fun, too!  Let me know if you find something good.

Happy hunting… ~Maria