Holiday Decorating Ideas

Happy Holidays, everyone!  It’s been a while, but I wanted to wish all of you who have supported me through 2016 a happy and peace-filled holiday season.  Since so many of us are busy with gatherings, errands, entertaining, etc. I thought I’d share some simple ideas for decorating your home for the holidays and creating a festive mood for you and your family.  The following ideas were just featured in this month’s Durham Magazine, but I’m including some bonus photos that didn’t make the magazine.  These beautiful photos were taken by the amazing, Merritt Chesson.  (Thanks, Merritt!)

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Simple Ideas for Holiday Decorating


My holiday decorating shortcuts are based on a simple, pre-set color pallet and natural, seasonal elements.  I usually go with various shades of silver, gold and white (keep your colors to 2-3 selections).  Because the color pallet is simple, you can play with and add various objects that fall into the pallet and still have a unified look. I might take ornaments in shades of golds and silvers and sprinkle them along my table runner and then flank either end of the table with a few candles (of all sizes) in shades of white and silver.  The charges might be gold or silver with white linens laid neatly on top.  Then, I always add a natural element: magnolia leaves, pine cones, herbs, or something of this genre.  A little touch like this goes a long way in creating a festive table.
Decorating with a few colors means you can carry the pallet throughout your house (at the entry, with the fire place mantle, on your front porch, etc.) and everything feels collected and unified.  Use creative color combinations like fuchsia and green or gold and blue, to keep it interesting and unpredictable.  This approach is also an economical way to decorate because you can switch things around and collect over the years without feeling as if you need to start over every time. I add something to my collection every year, but don’t need much since it’s easy to integrate into the collection I’ve been evolving over the years.
With this approach, everything works together because the colors are the unifying factor.  And – adding natural elements such as flowers, wreathes, garland and berries warms things up and makes your home feel more cozy.  I usually just clip branches from the magnolia tree in our front yard!  How’s that for easy and economical?
Silver Trees, pine cones and some fresh Magnolia leaves from my front yard.

Silver Trees, pine cones and some fresh Magnolia leaves from my front yard.  We have white a Nutcracker because I’ve taken my girls to see the performance every year since my oldest was 3.

Natural elements warm this up.

Natural elements warm this up.

Even my butler’s tray get’s a little decor…


I use the same formula in every space: white, silver, clear glass, light, and some natural elements (here pine cones).


And the buffet shares peace…


Again, white, silver, light and some natural elements! This easy formula leave you with time to focus on what’s really important: sharing time with your loved ones.


I hope this has inspired you and helped provide you with some ideas for your home.  Questions?  Reach out and comment!

Happy Holidays, friends!  xo Maria

A Roundup of Ottomans & Foot Stools

I’m currently working on a client project and we have all of the “big pieces” in: the sofas, coffee tables, consoles, etc.  But, the thing I’ve had the hardest time finding is the perfect foot stools!  You’d think this little piece of furniture would be easy, but it’s actually trickier than you think.  Here are some things I’ve been trying to balance during the search process:

  1.  We have all upholstered pieces so I wanted to introduce a new texture, like leather, velvet or wood.
  2. The stools have to be pretty “clean” — as in a big, lumpy ottoman is not going to look cohesive in the room.
  3. We wanted the height to be around 17″ – 19″ tall, so that one’s legs would not end up higher than the chair seat heights.
  4. Price point in the $300 – $350 range.

This turned out to be a tall order! But luckily, some of the big retailers have just released some great options over the last month and they were worth the wait!  Check these out:

West Elm Mid-Century Upholstered Stools. On sale: $135-169! Love the clean legs on this stool.

West Elm Mid-Century Upholstered Stools. On sale: $135-169! Love the clean legs on this stool.

This fabulous Tufted Stool from West Elm comes in over a dozen fabric options and is right around $300-350. I'm swooning! I'll take two, please!

This fabulous Tufted Stool from West Elm comes in over a dozen fabric options and is right around $300-350. I’m swooning! I’ll take two, please!

Cb2 Cubed Leather Pouf: $199! Sophisticated, interesting and comfy. Sold.

Cb2 Cubed Leather Pouf: $199! Sophisticated, interesting and comfy. Sold.

I also love this “Director’s Stool” from Cb2 — such a great deal for $199!


Finally, while this pouf wasn’t going to work for this particular project, I recently used this for another project and am in LOVE.  This Moroccan Pouf from Wayfair is all that, y’all…seriously soft and fabulous to look at.


I hope this has given you some ideas!  As they say, “The devil is in the details” and this was a tough nut to crack.  I’m excited to reveal this project later this spring.  I’ve been working on it since OCTOBER — so it will be truly fun to show you what patience and time can do to transform a space!

Happy Wednesday! xo ~Maria

Welcome Spring: Creating an Inviting Outdoor Space

Happy Monday!  Last week, I decided I wanted to reclaim our screened-in porch from what had been a long winter and pollen-filled spring.  After a thorough power washing, it was ready to be transformed!

Creating an inviting outdoor space is relatively easy if you think of your deck or porch as a mere extension of your home.  The same elements that make the inside of your home inviting will make your outdoor area a relaxing retreat:

  • Colorful throw pillows
  • Outdoor rugs
  • Throw or light blanket (for cool nights)
  • Candles & Lanterns
  • String lighting and/or lamps
  • Art
  • Accessories
  • Tables for various purposes (dining, end tables, coffee table, & even console tables)
  • Plants and flowers of various sizes and colors.

I made it a point to approach this space just as I would my living room or bedroom, wanting it to reflect our family and what we enjoy doing outside: dining, entertaining and reading.


BEFORE… The pollen is strong in the South, y’all!

AFTER: I stored all of the pillows and cushions in large, plastic garbage bags over the winter so they were ready to go!

AFTER: I stored all of the pillows and cushions in large, plastic garbage bags over the winter so they were ready to go!  No cleaning or anything required because I did it all last fall.

Our new puppy, Gypsy, thinks it's pretty great to be out here!

Our new puppy, Gypsy, thinks it’s pretty great to be out here!

A fun tablescape adds SO MUCH to your table.  Use elements from the outdoors like shells, sand, stones, lanterns, candles and more.  Vary the height of the objects on the table and mix up textures.  Here’s a close up of the one I created on our porch.


Ready for dinner on the porch – one of our favorite things to do in the spring!

Finally, I decorated our old console table with art and candles to create a vignette that adds interest to the porch and makes it feel more home-like.


In the end, creating an inviting outdoor area is all about mindset.  If you approach this space as an extension of your indoor space, you’re bound to create an area that seamlessly integrates into the rest of your home.  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. Most of my throw pillows and even the furniture are from Target.  I used Pottery Barn to source interesting accessories for the tablescape, but went to Home Goods for other items.  Look around your own house….you’re bound to find something that you can use outside. (I repurposed our old living room console table and discovered it was perfect for the porch!)

Finally, I want to leave you with this lovely and appropriate quote from Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room…


I hope I’ve inspired you some.  Have a great Monday!


Beauty is in the Details

They say, “The devil is in the details,” but I believe that beauty lies in details. It really is the little things around your home that can make a big difference in the feel and mood. For example, add a simple ficus tree to a corner and you can transform the feel of a space, or light a candle with a warm, citrus scent, or a fill a vase with fresh tulips…all of these little details create the overall feel of your home. Moral of the story? Pay attention to those little things.

With that, I thought I’d share some of my favorite home items –- small in stature, but big in creating impact and mood.

  • Linen Bathroom Hand towels – I love putting out special linen hand towels for guests. I have about four sets that I rotate depending on the season. I feel as if they let my guests know how special they are.

Monogramed linen hand towels for your guest bathroom make your visitors feel special. Available at places like Pottery Barn, Wayfair and



Matouk linen hand towels.


  • Fine Paper Hand Towels – I also provide a small basket of fine paper hand towels for guests that would rather have something fresh.  Caspari makes lovely, patterned disposable hand towels in hundreds of patterns and colors, like these…

Caspari hand towels

Check out the collection at Amazon.

  • Mer Sea Diffusers – My husband says I have a bionic nose. I’m not kidding. And he’s actually right. I am very sensitive to scent – both good and bad ones. I love clean scents, and Mer Sea Co. makes the BEST diffusers. I put them all around my house – and in my guest room, which everyone comments on! They are available at fine home stores or online. I wish I could permanently have my house smell like the “Crisp Sails” collection. It’s $40 well spent – I promise (they last for months).  Available at
Mer Sea Crisp Sails Diffuser....smells like a crisp ocean mist.

Mer Sea Crisp Sails Diffuser….smells like a crisp ocean mist.

  • Molton Brown Hand Soaps – This hand soap is my favorite. It’s definitely a splurge, but like so many things, the British get this right. My favorite scent is the Mulberry & Thyme. The brand makes all sorts of other soap and wash products, but I love the hand soap in particular. I have a special bottle I always reserve for the guest bathroom to have visitors feel extra loved.
The British know how to make scones, tea and hand soap.

The British know how to make scones, tea and hand soap.

  • Linneas Lights Natural Soy Candles — This is another splurge item, but the scents of these candles are amazing.  Locally, I purchase them at Vintage Home South in Durham, but they are available online as well if there isn’t a retailer close to you.  My favorite scents are the Persian Lime and Vetiver.  The candles even come with a little box of matches.  Details, I tell you.
Linneas Lights Candles are naturally made from soy and smell incredibly clean and beautiful.  Truly worth the splurge -- and make wonderful hostess gifts.

Linneas Lights Candles are naturally made from soy and smell incredibly clean and beautiful. Truly worth the splurge — and make wonderful hostess gifts.

So there you have a few of my favorite things.  What small things do you add around your home to make it feel special? Do you have something you swear by?  A favorite plant? candle? or something else?  Please share! I’m always looking for ideas to incorporate into my home and client projects.

Happy spring!  xo ~Maria

Custom Framing Without the Custom Cost

Hello Everyone!  I have missed you over the last few weeks.  We have been migrating the site and blog from Bring Home Order to Goldenrod Place and it’s taken much longer than I anticipated.  Luckily we are just about there and I can now resume sharing inspiration and ideas with all of you!  Thank you for hanging in there with me.

Today I’m sharing a creative way to approach custom framing for art and photography.  If you’ve ever used a custom framer, you know that this is not an inexpensive endeavor.  Costs for a matted, 8×10 print with anti-glare and UV protection glass can cost around $400-500.   It can be more depending on the size of your matting and grade of the frame.  If you want to use double or triple matting, the cost will be even higher.

I most frequently use Michael’s for my custom framing projects because they run promotional sales which can provide savings of 50 – 65%.  That’s a lot of savings! But even so, it’s not a bargain.

Recently, I was scouring the PTA thrift shop and came across two framed prints that were $6 each!  The framing had been customized, as evidenced by the matting and backing of the frame.  I purchased these two pieces with the intention of repurposing the frames and ditching the art and mats.


Lovely custom frames for $6!

I had photos from my wedding that I wanted to frame and these frames were perfect!  I took the frames and my photos to Michael’s and replaced the matting and glass.  For less than $200 I had custom framed two pieces for less than half of what ONE piece would have cost!


I have long since gotten rid of my dried up wedding bouquet, but this photo reminds me of its beautiful colors.


I framed a collection of smaller photos depicting walking down the aisle and being greeted by husband under the chuppah.

These were a perfect addition to our foyer…


So, check out places like Goodwill, The PTA Thrift Shop and consignment stores for framed art that can be up-cycled.  It can save you hundreds!  The search is really fun, too!  Let me know if you find something good.

Happy hunting… ~Maria



Bedroom Side Tables – A Few of My Favorites!

When you think of the main “pieces” of a bedroom, you probably imagine a bed flanked by two side tables.  Those side tables are pretty important because they provide the surface for your reading lamp, books, glasses, phone, etc.  In days gone by, many people purchased bedroom “sets” which consisted of matching beds, end tables and dresses, BUT NO MORE.  Trends today call for a more “collected” look composed of pieces with different finishes.  Take a look…

I love mixing finishes, like in this bedroom: brass side tables with mirror & glass surfaces paired with an upholstered bed. Photo Credit: West Elm

I love mixing finishes, like in this bedroom: brass side tables with mirror & glass surfaces paired with an upholstered bed. The heaviness of the bed is balanced with the lighter end tables. Then, a whole new finish is introduced with the lamps.  Perfection. Photo Credit: West Elm

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite choices for bedroom side tables.  You’ll notice some choices aren’t “traditional” bedroom furniture, but I actually think that’s kind of fun.  Like in this room, where they used a small, glass console table… Pretty cool, right?

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

Things to consider when selecting a nightstand:

  • How High?  In general, you want the height of your side table to match up to the height of your mattress.  That way, when you reach over, you can easily get what you need, set down a drink, etc.
  • Storage: The big toss-up for many is whether to have a drawer or open shelf style nightstand.  This is totally a personal preference. If you tend to keep things at your bedside like medicine, notebooks, books, ear plugs, etc. you probably want something with a drawer (or two!). As always, consider how you live first, then find something that matches your aesthetic style.
  • Finish:  Today’s night stands come in a variety of finishes – not just wood!  You can even get fabric-covered nightstands.  You can always have a piece of glass made to cover the top of your nightstand so that you don’t damage the finish with water stains, etc.  Any glass/window store can do this for you at a nominal cost.

Without further adieu…these are a few of my favorites:

  1.  The Terrace Side Table from West Elm – Brass finish with glass and mirror shelves.  I love how light this table is.  It looks great paired with wood or upholstered beds.  (I have them in my bedroom!)  At just $299, you can’t go wrong — unless you need drawers.  This is also a great piece for living rooms.
The Terrace Side Table from West Elm.

The Terrace Side Table from West Elm.


2.  The Hestton – From Ethan Allen.  Love this one!



With this side table, you get the best of both worlds: open shelving AND drawers to store all of your things. This was featured in the HGTV 2016 Dream House.

3.  A few from Bungalow 5 – Bungalow 5 makes fabulous furniture pieces.  I love all of their offerings. They tend to be unique in design with a modern aesthetic.  They incorporate some surprising elements into their designs, like this nightstand, which is made of lacquered grasscloth…


The Bardot 3-Drawer side table has a deco-inspired design that appeals those who want polished, decorated rooms. The romantic, serpentine front profile is finished with lacquered grasscloth that resembles the look and texture of a painted strié finish.


A closer look at the finish.  This night stand comes in 3 colors and you can customize the hardware. LOVE!

Other options from Bungalow 5…  These come in various colors/finishes and you can select other finishes for the hardware.

Night Stands from Bungalow 5

And last but not least…this one from Zinc Door:

The Redford House "Fiona" Nightstand. It comes in over 2 dozen colors/finsihes!

The Redford House “Fiona” Nightstand. It comes in over 2 dozen colors/finsihes!

I hope this has given you lots of ideas for that little table next to your bed.  Though it be small, it plays a mighty role!

Stay warm today….and TUNE IN tomorrow for a great Friday Find.  You are going to LOVE it – especially if you are a Durham local.  Hint: It’s another food-related find!

xoxo ~Maria

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bedding & Sources

This week we’re focusing on the bedroom and ideas for creating a peaceful retreat in the space where you begin and end each day.  If you missed Monday’s post, check it out HERE.  It’s full of great tips and inspiration to get you started on reimagining your bedroom.  Like this…


Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite picks for bedding.  This is a place where I think the extra cost is worth it. Think of this way: if you get 7 hours of sleep a night, you’re spending nearly 50 hours a week on those sheets!  If you get more sleep, it’s even longer!  So, pick wisely, friends.   If possible, own at least two sets of sheets so that you can rotate them during washings.

A few things to know about bed linens:

  • Content:  Cotton is usually king when it comes to fabric choices for sheets, but sometimes Polyester is also blended with cotton.  Poly mixtures tend to pill and not be as soft as pure cotton.  Purchase the best you can afford.  Look for high quality cotton such as Egyptian, pima or Supima.
  • Thread Count:  Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of fabric.  In general, the higher the number, the finer/softer the sheet.  A decent thread count starts at about 200 and ranges to about 800.  I find that 250 – 500 thread count sheets wear well over time and last longer.
  • Washing & Care:  Check the care label on your sheets for specific instructions, but in general, avoid high temperatures and harsh bleaches.  Wash on “gentle” cycle in warm water with a mild detergent.  When drying, use a low setting (again, avoid high heat as this will deteriorate the fabric over time).
  • Storage:  Fold sheets and put them in one of the pillow cases!  Brilliant, right?  (Wasn’t my idea, but I’m sharing it!)
  • How to Fold a Fitted Sheet a la Martha Stuart Style (it’s actually pretty awesome):  Video and Directions – HERE!

My Favorite Sources for bedding:

  • If money is no object, then head over to  This company produces some of the most luxurious and beautiful bedding around.  You pay for it, but it is amazing: 500 thread count, Egyptian Cotton woven in Italy and made in the USA .  If you want to see and feel the various options available at a local shop, head over to SOUTH in Chapel Hill (Meadowmont Village).  SOUTH carries the entire Matouk line, and they can order anything for you!  They’ll even monogram it for you to make it extra special.

I have always loved this bedding. It’s called Butterfield and is available in 11 colors. I think it would be so beautiful in a girl’s bedroom.


I’ll know I have arrived when I can afford this bedding! This is the Gordian Knot and is available in several colors.

  • Serena & Lily is probably my all-time favorite source for bedding.  I’ve loved this company since it started about 10 years ago!  Serena & Lily is now a household name associated with simple, modern beauty.  I love their prints and color pallets, and the linens are made of such high quality fabrics.  Their nursery collection is particularly lovely.  I sometimes wish I had a baby just so I could decorate a nursery in Serena & Lily!  Check it out…



This bedding SLAYS me! It's called "Dylan" and if it had been around when my daughter Dylan was born, I would have used it.

This bedding SLAYS me! It’s called “Dylan,” and if it had been around when my daughter Dylan was born, I would have used it.

  • Pottery Barn – They do such a good job with their bedding collection and are constantly updating offerings with the latest colors/styles.  These sheets are a nice middle of the road option price-wise.  I love their simple white sheets with embroidered edges, like this one:
Pearl-embroidered sheets: 280 thread count. They are so soft! And, you can have them embroidered.

Pearl-Embroidered Sheets: 280 thread count. They are so soft! And, you can have them monogramed for a small additional cost.

  • Yves Delorme – This Parisian company has been making fine linens since 1845 so they know what they’re doing.  These linens are not cheap but they are incredibly beautiful, soft and luxurious.  Egyptian cotton is mostly used to make their bed linens.  They have an online outlet, which is definitely worth checking out for discounted products.


Others that have great selections… (Click to be directed to the sites)

I hope this has been informative and inspiring, y’all! Ready to update your bedroom yet?

Sweet dreams…. xo ~Maria

The Most Serene Room in Your Home: The Bedroom

I don’t know about you, but after a long day of working, shuttling kids around, running errands, cooking and everything else life throws at me, I’m spent.  There are days when I barely have the energy to change into my pjs.  One thing however, is certain: I want to end my day in serene and calming surroundings, free of papers, clutter, piles of clothes and other stressful visual triggers.

Your bedroom should be the most peaceful space in your entire house.  This is the room that should enable you to shut off the outside world and relax.  It’s also the space that shapes your mindset for the beginning of each day.  If you are surrounded by piles of stuff, old boxes and other types of clutter, I imagine your mind just might feel a bit overwhelmed each morning, too.

Creating a peaceful retreat is not difficult to do.  Here’s a great way to approach this space:

Step 1:  Imagine your favorite hotel room.  What did it look like?  How did you feel in the room?  What was your favorite aspect of the space?  (For example, was it the art, the colors, the linens or how the furniture was arranged?)

Step 2:  Collect some inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, online resources, etc. and start a file.

Step 3:  Consider the following design elements of your bedroom:

  • Color palettes
  • Wall color
  • Bedding and linens
  • 3 Types of Lighting: overhead, task and mood
  • Furniture placement: start with your bed, then end tables, then everything else (Don’t over-furnish this space!)  This is truly a place where less is more.  Less stuff =  less visual noise = more calming feel.
  • Art, photography and accessories
  • Storage

Step 4:  Play with it…

  •  Start taking items out of your room that don’t bring you joy or relax you.
  • Rearrange furniture and really consider the layout.  Could your bed go on another wall?
  • Consider painting your walls.  This single act could have the GREATEST impact on the room.  (See below for relaxing color pallets.)
  • Consider new side lamps or new side tables. And — select a different finish for those tables than your bed.  For example, if you have a wooden bed frame, consider seagrass or metal & glass end tables.  This will add interest and make the room look a little more collected.

Here’s some inspiration to help get you started…


DO: Mix fabric textures & furniture finishes. Notice the bedside tables are different from the bed. And, they don’t match. The walls are a neutral, light blue (ALWAYS a great choice for bedroom walls). The pops of orange are fabulous.


DO: Every room needs a lovely chair upholstered in a print.


DO: Keep your bedside table clear of clutter. Use a basket to store books and other misc. items.


DO: Consider non-traditional end tables as a bedside table. Here, a glass side table is turned into a bedside table. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this. And, the best part is how they mixed the materials: a seagrass basket under this contemporary table softens the look. Added bonus are the pops of color from the vases and lamp.


Symmetry is always calming. It creates visual balance which then creates emotional calmness. Notice the variety of textures and sizes used for the throw pillows. This adds great interest and color. (Photo:


This room is just about perfect in my book, but I would add a mirror above the bed and some colorful art to make it just a wee bit more interesting.


I love the idea of wallpaper behind the wall of the bed to add drama and interest. Even though this is monochromatic, it’s not boring due to the various textures and that wall! LOVE this look!


Any of these colors would be a wonderful, calming backdrop for a bedroom. My own bedroom is Collingwood and I love it more each day.

And, a small list of things that derail a calming bedroom:


  • Store boxes in your bedroom.
  • Put exercise equipment in your bedroom.
  • Have piles of laundry and laundry baskets in your room.
  • Store extra furniture.  (As in…”I don’t know where to put it so I’ll just put it in my bedroom.”)

Want more inspiration and ideas?  Check out Bring Home Order on Pinterest!  I’ve collected dozens of ideas for you on the “Bedroom Decor & Inspiration” board!

I hope that this has given you some great ideas.  Tune in later this week for a collection of my favorite linens & bedside tables.  Until then…have a fabulous Monday!

xo ~Maria

Last Week’s Find: PATINA

Happy Tuesday, all!  I am finally carving out some time to share my Friday Find – on Tuesday, though!  I think you’ll love it all the same.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine mentioned she had purchased some lovely dressers for her home.  When she showed me the photos, I was swooning.  The source?  A small shop in Durham (directly across the street from Foster’s Market) called Patina.  Patina is part curated, funky antiques, part refinished furniture, part country farmhouse selections and part mid-century modern decor/furniture.  Why the eclectic collection? Because, even though the store is owned by Sissy Anlyan, there are four women at work stocking this little shop with beautiful and unique objects sourced from all over the country.

One area of Patina is curated by Katherine Leib.  She maintains the “Farm House” section of the store, which is full of unique objects and furnishings with this aesthetic.  She personally paints many pieces in this area to give them a fresh new look, without compromising their beauty and aged feel.


French Farmhouse selections at Patina curated by Katherine Leib of Le Chat Noir Design.


This set of end tables are absolutely gorgeous. The hardware alone kills me.


How great would this distressed mirror look in an entry area or in a maritime-themed room?  The rope with brass hooks?  LOVE.

Loren Lamb maintains the Mid-Century Modern vintage area with pieces discovered in New York and elsewhere.  I am obsessed with these two chairs.  The frames are original, but she had new cushions created for them.  These really need a home in a cool loft downtown.  I’m seriously sad I don’t have a place for them in my own home.  Loren’s area has original pieces from this era, in addition to original art from local artists.


Loren Lamb of Loren Lamb Interiors has an amazing eye for design which takes inspiration from the 50s and 60s. She gives it a modern update, however, and adds her signature touch to pieces.

A lovely painting from local artist Amanda Ballew which found its way into my home. Loren sells her paintings at Patina.

A lovely painting from local artist Amanda Ballew which found its way into my home. Loren sells her paintings at Patina.

Missy Brinegar is jack of all trades.  Really.  This woman creates original handbags, clothing, paints and refinishes furniture.  I wish I had ONE of those talents, much less all of them.  She maintains the LBDB, which stands for “Little Black Dress Boutique” portion of Patina.  Look at all of this…


Clothes, furniture, handmade handbags and a dresser…all in one place.


And she paints…original artwork by Missy Brinegar.

Sissy Anylan, store owner, has a collection of other items that you just won’t find anywhere else.  Unique lighting, vintage pieces, dressers, desks….and more!  She travels to Florida and goes to market in Atlanta to source some of these great finds.


Love these vintage mirrors. I would actually put one in a very modern space to add interest. Perhaps a foyer?


Eclectic art lovers rejoice! Patina has so many things for you to covet!


Custom, colorful artwork…love those frames! And those adorable lamps? They have shell bases which are fantastic.


What a lovely dresser for a girls’ room or your guest room.


I loved this desk so much I wanted to use it on a client project…but as of this morning, it’s SOLD! Congrats lucky owner (who happens to be a friend!). Enjoy this piece.

I am so happy to have discovered this place and happy to share it with all of YOU!  And, I love that it is directly across the street from Foster’s.  Grab lunch, then head over to discover something beautiful.  Here’s the information:

PATINA ~ “Unique, gently used, much loved items for the home.”

2695 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd.

Durham, 27707

(919) 949 – 0134

Tuesday – Friday 10am – 5pm

Saturday 10am – 4pm

Closed Sunday & Monday

ENJOY this find!  I’m sure I’ll bump into you there.  I’m really enjoying hunting around this place.

Tune in tomorrow for a few of my favorite gift ideas.  ~Maria

Friday Finds: Mid-Century Modern

Happy Friday and happy Halloween, everyone!

If you tuned in last Friday, you know that I featured the oh-so-hip boutique hotel, The Durham.  I continue to feel inspired by that space and have gotten some wonderful feedback from all of you about it.  If you missed that post, read it HERE.

I mentioned in the post that the interiors of the hotel were nearly all custom designed by the firm, Commune.  This Los Angeles-based firm specializes in Mid-Century modern residential and commercial interiors.  Their portfolio is quite impressive.  I’m someone who wasn’t a fan of this era of design, but I’m definitely on board now.  I really love the clean lines and minimalism that defines the furnishings of the 50s and 60s.  Understated, sophisticated and creative are how I would describe them.

There are many retailers and designers creating beautiful pieces of furniture inspired by this era today.  I thought I’d share some sources and ideas here so that you too, can get the look of The Durham.  Here goes…


This retailer is quite reasonable in terms of cost.  Their clean designs are sophisticated yet still inviting.  They offer everything from bed linens to sofas and dining furniture.  Check it out:


Employ Upholstered Loveseat by ALL MODERN.


NOVA Dining Table by ALL MODERN.

Huggy Mid-Century Chair by ALL MODERN

Huggy Mid-Century Chair by ALL MODERN


Dwell makes stunning decor.  Period.  Honestly, I think they could convert anyone to the modernist movement with their beautiful furnishings.  Take a look…

The Hans Chair. SO handsome. This would look amazing in an office or living room.

The Hans Chair. SO handsome. This would look amazing in an office or living room.

The Mansfield Etagere. Gilded beauty.

The Mansfield Etagere. Gilded beauty.

The Franklin Media Cabinet. Watch all the Mad Men episodes you like.

The Franklin Media Cabinet. Watch all the Mad Men episodes you like.

Who wouldn't love to snuggle up into this sofa? The Spencer Sectional, by Dwell Studios.

Who wouldn’t love to snuggle up into this sofa? The Spencer Sectional, by Dwell Studios.

And, Dwell doesn’t forget the kids.  How adorable is this Library Bunk Bed?

Library Bunk from Dwell Studios

Library Bunk from Dwell Studios

The other place that makes fun and modern kids’ furnishings/decor is Land of Nod.  I love their accessories & toys, as well.


Cb2 offers great value for Mid-Century design.  They do a nice job with design that is accessible at a reasonable price point.  Their pieces are also customizable.  For example, this chair is available in 43 fabrics.

The Suitor Chair, by CB2. Available in 43 fabric options.

The Suitor Chair, by CB2. Available in 43 fabric options.

CB2 offers furnishings and decor at a great price point.

CB2 offers furnishings and decor at a great price point.

The Brace Dining Table. Only $399. Beautifully designed and a great value.

The Brace Dining Table. Only $399. Beautifully designed and a great value.

Swig white mini-bar. LOVE. $429

Swig white mini-bar. LOVE. $429

And, finally, Jonathan Adler.  Some of his pieces are too modern for me, but no one would argue that this designer is a genius.  The way he combines textures, finishes and color is stunning.

Jonathan Adler Designs: Lighting, furniture, decor. It's all combined to create balanced, colorful beauty. Shown here, the Cain Sofa collection and Nixon Coffee table.

Jonathan Adler Designs: Lighting, furniture, decor. It’s all combined to create balanced, colorful beauty. Shown above, the Cain Sofa collection, Nixon Coffee table and the Caracas 16-light Chandelier.  Don’t love that floor lamp, but otherwise, this is a lovely space.

Bond Dining Table by Jonathan Adler.

Bond Dining Table by Jonathan Adler.

DESIGN WITHIN REACH is probably the leading retailer in this genre.   They offer all the classic pieces of this time, such as the Eames Chair.

The Eames Chair, designed by Charles and Rae Eames in 1956 is a quintessential Mid-Century Modern piece. Design Within Reach offers the official piece.

The Eames Chair, designed by Charles and Rae Eames in 1956 is a quintessential Mid-Century Modern piece. Design Within Reach offers this and other classics.

And, I recently discovered BLU DOT, a modern furniture company based in Minnesota.  Check them out online.  I was very impressed with their designs, particularly, this guy: the Toro Lounge Chair.

The Toro Lounge Chair by Blu Dot. Made of saddle leather, that is sure to get better with age. Impressive.

The Toro Lounge Chair by Blu Dot. Made of saddle leather, that is sure to get better with age. Impressive.

These are all wonderful finds to help you achieve the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic in your home.

Have a wonderful weekend!