Interior Design

“My mother taught me there is nowhere more important than home.  Home is where we entertain, relax, celebrate, play, hide, nurture our children, create memories and rejuvenate our souls.  It is a reflection of all that we are and all that we love.”

~Anna Spiro, British Designer and Author of Absolutely Beautiful Things

At Goldenrod Place, we embrace this sentiment wholeheartedly. Your home should be your favorite place on Earth.

That said, we understand that each person has their own vision of how their home should look and feel. Whether you’re starting from the ground up, or simply updating the look of an existing space, we’re excited to take the journey with you.

Our full-service designs include in-home consultation, space measurements and renderings, furniture and accessory selections, in addition to the finer details like wallpaper, lighting and more…right through the installation process.

If you’d like to learn more about our design services or schedule an appointment, please contact us at (919) 599-8496. Alternatively, you can complete our online form and we will reach out to you.

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Design Services

We offer creative designs and provide assistance with

  • Design layout & space configuration
  • Sourcing and selecting furniture
  • Sourcing and selecting decor and accessories
  • Obtaining original artwork from regional and international artists
  • Installation of design

We work with local vendors, skilled artisans and designers from a variety of fields to create homes as unique as our clients.  We collaborate and work closely with our clients to ensure that each space is personal and reflects the client’s vision.